BM Asbestos Services, Cheshire

BM Asbestos Services are part of the Mark Wakefield Demolition Group. We are based in Cheshire, North West England.

The asbestos team have been formed following 15 years of experience in the construction & demolition industry.

We provide asbestos consultancy, carry out asbestos surveys, sampling and testing and deal with asbestos removal when required. We specialise in domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

We know from experience that the discovery of suspected asbestos can cause considerable disruption and downtime for a building/demolition project. This is why we offer a fast sampling service that provides results within 24 hours.

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Areas we cover...

Asbestos Services in Cheshire
Asbestos Services in South Manchester
Asbestos Services in Liverpool
Asbestos Services in North Wales
Asbestos Services in Runcorn
Asbestos Services in Widnes
Asbestos Services in Warrington
Asbestos Consultancy in Cheshire
Asbestos Consultancy in South Manchester
Asbestos Consultancy in Liverpool
Asbestos Consultancy in North Wales
Asbestos Consultancy in Runcorn
Asbestos Consultancy in Widnes
Asbestos Consultancy in Warrington